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Online Announcements

Here are some places you can announce your family reunion online.

Press Release Tutorials

These links show you how to write a press release.

List of Newspapers

Here is a list of newspapers. Choose the ones family members are most likely to read.

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Announce Your Reunion

Use online and print media to announce your family reunion so those you can't contact directly have a chance to learn about it.

Perhaps you're planning a family reunion meant to attract family members you don't even know or family members whose addresses you can't find.

One way to handle the problem is to make public announcements. There are several places to make such announcements.

Announce Your Family Reunion Online

Start by announcing your family reunion online. You can make those announcements at such sites as:

Use Print Media

If many of your extended family members are clustered in a geographical area, you can take out a small classified ad in the newspaper that serves the area.

A better way, however, is to write a press release or call the newspaper and tell them about the reunion. A big family reunion is news, especially for smaller local papers. You may be able to get an article and a photo in the paper. It will be free and more people will see it.

Writing a press release is easy and fun if you know the basic rules. To learn how, check out the tutorials at:

You can find a list of local newspapers at:

However, you may find it just as easy to use Google or another search engine and type in the name of the locale followed by the word "newspaper."