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Arrange transportation

You may want to arrange transportation for those who need special help, such as the elderly or family members flying in. You can also arrange discounted group travel to a particular destination.

There are two situations in which you'll probably want to arrange transportation for your family reunion.

  1. Help for those without transportation. There are some people who may need a ride to get to your reunion:
    • Those with special needs, such as the elderly or handicapped
    • Relatives flying in from remote destinations
    • Students or less-well-off family members who don't have a car
    You may want to ask other family members to pick them up and bring them to the reunion.
  2. Vacation and tour travel. If you're traveling to an exotic destination or someplace where most family members don't live, you may want to arrange air, bus or train travel or car rental. The advantage to arranging the transportation for the entire group is that you can often get cheaper fares. In the case of a tour or cruise, some travel may be included in the package although you'll likely all have to meet at a central destination before the included arrangements begin.