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Step 1a. Start with the Basics

Your family reunion won't go exactly as planned. But planning is what will make it work.

Take a moment to set your goals for this particular reunion. It will make sure you accomplish what you set out to do.

You don't want to invite the whole world, so who exactly do you want at your family reunion?

Use a guest list to make it easier to invite family members.

There's a lot of difference betweeen a group of fifteen and a group of 150.

Do you want a backyard barbecue Saturday afternoon, a two-week vacation or something in between?

When will you hold your reunion? There are better times and worse ones for many family members.

You can choose the old homestead, someone's backyard, a church or a park or an island in the Caribbean. What do you have in mind?

Are the facilities you're considering right for your family reunion? Use this checklist to make sure it meets your family's needs.

A star indicates a task that is essential for all family reunions. Unstarred tasks may or may not be essential, depending on how you structure your reunion.