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Decorate with Your Theme and Color Scheme

The decor at your family reunion can be as elaborate or simple as you wish. Create it now to emphasize your theme and color scheme.

If you've chosen to use a theme and/or color scheme, now is the time to pull out the posters, crepe paper, balloons, beautiful color-coordinated tablecloths, pictures and old heirlooms. Set them on tables. Hang them on walls. Tape them to doors.

If your talents include those of an interior designer, this may be the most rewarding part of setting up for the reunion. You can use all your skill to create a breath-taking, awe-inspiring environment that will capture the imagination of family members at your reunion.

If you aren't blessed with the talent to decorate, consider having another family member do it. Or just do your best. This is family, after all, and you're trying to make the reunion special. People will notice your efforts and appreciate them.