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Eat Together

Eating together is one of the best ways to bond with family members. If you have a goal for the reunion, you can use eating time to help achieve it.

If you're eating only one meal together, family members will probably have plenty to discuss just catching up on each other's lives.

If you're having several meals together, you can take advantage of one or more mealtimes to make progress toward your goals for the reunion by assigning topics.

Leave an envelope on each table with the instructions: "Open when seated." Include a conversational question on a slip of paper inside. Depending on your goal, questions might be things like:

  • What is more important? That the family establish a scholarship fund or that we buy burial plots for everyone?
  • Talk about your memories of Grandma Jones. (You might want voice recorders at each table to record the memories.)
  • What shall we do for the next family reunion?
  • What kind of creature would you be if you could make one up for yourself? (This can help family members learn more about each other.)