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A Word of Encouragement

Your first step in creating your family reunion is to plan. It reduces uncertainty and saves you time in the long run.

We're going to ask you to really plan your family reunion. We'll make it as easy and fun as we can. But we're also going to warn you: things at your family reunion won't go completely according to plan.

The weather may interfere. Reservations can fall through. Some people who said they were coming won't make it and there may be a few who arrive unexpectedly. Some family members will have to leave early or fall ill. Other family members will not follow the program no matter how well-prepared you are and a few may even try to sabotage your plans. At some point, you'll likely change your plans to accomodate one or more of these influences.

Why Plan?

So why plan at all?

The answer is that, while exactly what you plan may never come to pass, your family reunion will be better because you plan. The program may not be just as you dreamed but there will be some kind of program. The food may be too cold or too hot but at least there will be some food.

Planning underpins a successful reunion. It will lead you to send out invitations, provide food, reserve lodging when needed and so on. A plan also provides a list of things you need to buy or provide so you don't forget something important. It saves you time.

The Key to Leadership

Planning is the key to leadership. It is what creates the vision that others follow. People notice if there's no plan. Even if the plan doesn't work completely, there will be enough planned elements to give your family reunion structure.

Finally, planning gives you confidence. You know what your purpose is. You know how to achieve it. When a change to your plan becomes necessary during the reunion, you'll be able to fit it into the framework you've already created.

So good luck and Good Planning!