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Facilities Checklist

Here's a checklist of things to consider when you choose the facility where you'll hold your family reunion. You may want to add other items that are important for your family to the end of the list.
Facility Name: Location: Date:

Yes  No    Can family members get to the facility conveniently?
Yes  No    Is there enough room for the number of people you expect?
Yes  No    Is it clean?
Yes  No    Are there any safety hazards that may pose a danger for the age groups you're inviting to the family reunion?
Yes  No    Are there enough tables and chairs?
Yes  No    Is there a podium, a stage or other place for the program?
Yes  No    Is it accessible to elderly or handicapped family members, such as those in wheelchairs?
Yes  No    Is there a kitchen or other place to prepare and serve food?
  How many bathrooms are there?
Yes  No    Is the number of bathrooms adequate?
  How many parking spaces are there?
Yes  No    Is that enough parking for the attendees?
Yes  No    Is there room for coats, shoes or other personal belongings?
Yes  No    Is there a separate place for young children and nursing mothers if needed?
Yes  No    If your group is large, is there an audio system with microphones so everyone can be heard? How about other technology you need, such as a video projector or Internet access?
Yes  No    If you plan to hold the reunion outdoors, is there an indoor alternative in case of bad weather?
Yes  No    Where can you dispose of trash? Is there a dumpster or trash can?
  How much does it cost to use the facility? Be sure to include any deposits such as cleaning deposits.
What responsibilities will the family have to take care of? For example, does the family have to clean the facility after using it?  
On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the facility for this family reunion?

Poor      1        2        3        4        5      Excellent

Other Features Important for This Family Reunion:
Yes  No     
Yes  No     
Yes  No