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Step 6. Follow Up for Extra Impact

Just because your family reunion is over doesn't mean it's over. With a little effort (and a little fun) you can make the reunion bind your family together even more tightly after its over.

Take five minutes and jot down what went right with the reunion and what you wish had gone better. It will help you or some other family member in the future.

Update your family directory, your genealogy and other family records using what you learned at the family reunion.

You likely promised to do something for one or two (or more) family members. It was kind of you to do, and now you need to keep those promises even though you wonder where you'll find the time.

Email copies of your best photos to family members or post them on your blog or someplace where everyone can find them. If you're old-fashioned, print copies and send them to special people.

Put photos in an album. Add some text and maybe a bit of video or audio. It will make a long-lasting record of your family.

Just because some people didn't attend the reunion doesn't mean they aren't part of the family. Make them part of the reunion.

As soon as you've recuperated from the last reunion it's not too early to start planning for the next one.

A star indicates a task that is essential for all family reunions. Unstarred tasks may or may not be essential, depending on how you structure your reunion.