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Step 5. Hold Your Family Reunion!

You've done everything you can to plan and prepare for your family reunion. Now your efforts will pay off with a reunion that family members will enjoy and remember.

As you start your family reunion, take with you our wishes for good luck along with some tips to get your going.

Give family members a hearty welcome as they arrive, and take care of registering them for the reunion.

Start teens and younger family members on games right away. Adults can join in if they like.

Since ancient times, eating together has had special meaning. Enjoy the occasion with your family.

A program, preferably about your theme, can create long-lasting memories and focus the attention of family members on their shared heritage.

Heirlooms are the physical reminders of our ancestors. Showing them to each other helps family members understand their history.

In twenty years, this family reunion will look like ancient history to a new generation. It will be a source of interest to future generations as well as those who attend.

Knowing who ancestors and descendants are gives us roots. Spend some time on sharing this information at the reunion.

If your reunion is large enough, you'll probably have someone there who causes trouble.

Sure you have to clean up the trash and return anything you borrowed or rented. But you need to save the memories, too.

A star indicates a task that is essential for all family reunions. Unstarred tasks may or may not be essential, depending on how you structure your reunion.