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How Many People Do You Expect?

The number of people you expect at your family reunion will affect everything you do to plan and hold it. Make sure you have a good estimate of how many you want to attend.

Once you've identified who you want to invite, you should have a rough idea of how many people you need to plan for. How many is it? Write down your answer.

Are You Comfortable?

Think about how different it is to be in a group of half a dozen people compared to being in a group of 200. That difference is critical for your family reunion.

Whatever answer you wrote down, ask yourself, if you are comfortable with that size of reunion. If you prefer small, intimate groups you may not want to plan a reunion for 500. If you like the bustle and excitement of huge events, you may not be content with a cozy group of ten. So, since it's you who is planning the reunion, you may as well take your preferences into account.

More People Means More of Everything

The number of people you invite affects things like how much food you'll need and how many parking spaces. It affects how much advance notice you have to give and what kind of place you'll need in which to hold your family reunion.

It also affects how much structure you have to provide to make the reunion a success. The more people you invite, the more organized you have to be. More people means more activities, more food, a stronger schedule, a bigger facility and more careful planning.

The information here at will help you, no matter how many you invite to your reunion. The important thing is that you be aware of your goals for this reunion and understand how many people you want to attend.