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Make an Invitation

Make an invitation that creates excitement and attracts people to attend your family reunion.

There are many ways to invite people to your family reunion: in person, by phone, email, texting, fax, and regular mail. It's probably best to use more than one method because people will take it more seriously.

A written invitation makes sure that people are clear about the date, time, location and other details of the reunion so even if you invite people by phone or in person, be sure to give them a written invitation, too.

A written invitation gives you the opportunity to build some excitement by using pictures, headlines and a description of the attractions the family reunion will offer. You can also put a written invitation in a family reunion memory book if you create one.

What Has to Be In the Invitation

Here are some things you need to include in your invitation so family members will know the essentials.

  • The starting date and time of the reunion and the ending date and time where appropriate
  • The complete address
  • Who's invited (for example, all descendants of a particular person or all of a certain person's cousins)
  • What to bring (potluck, laptop computer ...)
  • The cost (if any)
  • RSVP? (yes or no)
  • How to reach you for questions (email address, phone number ...)

Optional Information

There are other things that are optional but may be a good idea to include if they're relevant.

  • What to wear (casual, 1930's retro, etc.)
  • Any special facilities that will be available (for example, wireless connections, hookups for RV's, horses for riding).
  • A map of how to get to the location. You can get one at:
  • A photo--perhaps of one or more ancestors or of the location where the reunion will be held

For a step-by-step approach to writing an invitation, check out the article Write Your Family Reunion Announcement (PDF).