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Involve Those Who Didn't Attend

Some of your family members may not attend your family reunion. But you can still extend the benefits of the reunion to them.

The people who didn't attend your reunion are important to your family, too. They may have had to work, lived too far away, or had car problems that kept them away. But those aren't reasons to exclude them from the fun and comradery of your family reunion. You can help them feel they're part of the family by sending them something after it's over.

What are some of the things you can send?

  • An updated family directory
  • A copy of a family reunion memory book
  • Some photos
  • Genealogical records
  • A note about the next reunion so they can put it on their calendar
  • Questions they can answer that were brought up at the reunion
  • Anything else that will help them feel part of the family

You don't need to send all these things, of course. The idea is to remember people and help them feel loved. It takes time to follow up and involve family members after the reunion, but you have spent a lot of time and effort to tie your family together thus far; isn't it worth it to get all the value you can from your efforts?