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Facility Checklist

Save embarrassment and protect your family. Use the checklist below to help make sure the facility where you plan to hold your family reunion is adequate.

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Choose a Facility

You need to select a facility, such as a building or park, where your family can meet.

What kind of facility will your family meet in? For example, do you intend to gather at one of these kinds of places?

  • Someone's home.
  • A local church, park or community facility.
  • A restaurant, perhaps one that serves ethnic food that fits your family's heritage.
  • A resort center or hotel.
  • A campground.

The facility you choose depends in part on the size of your reunion. Unless some family member has a a mammoth-size home and grounds, it's unlikely you'll want to hold a reunion with 150 or more persons at a family dwelling. But a home can be perfect for a reunion of fifteen or twenty.

As you look for a facility to host your family reunion, print out the checklist of things to consider. It contains many of the common features a location needs for the reunion to be successful. There's room to add extra items that are specific to your family reunion.