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Make a Memory Book

A memory book is a record of your family reunion that will keep it alive in the hearts of family members. It grows more valuable over the years because of the roots it provides.

Your family reunion only lasts a few hours or days but the memories it makes can endure longer and help hold your family together. A good way to make the reunion endure in the hearts of family members is to make a memory book.

A memory book is a collection of photos, stories and other information. It can be a scrapbook, a book of photos and text, a video or some other medium that shows the fun times you had during your reunion.

The Value of Memories

Oddly enough, the value of a memory book can be greatest to those who were not even at the family reunion. Relatives who were unable to attend will enjoy feeling part of the reunion through it and it may encourage them to join you next time.

Equally important is the impact the memory book will have on future generations. They won't know great uncle George or Grandma Cora like you do, but they can learn about them from your memory book. As family members age or move on from this life to the next, the pictures in your memory book will be there to keep younger members in touch with the past.

Perhaps the person who will enjoy the memories most is you. The memory book will remind you of how valuable the family reunion was. It will be something pleasant to peruse.

Ways to Make a Memory Book

The memory book can be like a miniature high school yearbook, with pictures of each family, scenes from the family reunion, and photographs of family heirlooms. If you had a theme and color scheme for the reunion, use it in the memory book, too.

One of the most useful ways to make a memory book is to upload photos and text to one of the web sites that creates beautifully printed books. The books are beautiful and long-lasting. They have the advantage that people put them on their bookshelves or coffee tables and notice them every once in a while.

Use your own talents to create the memory book. If you're a scrapbooker, you can make a beautiful scrapbook to contain the memories. If you have an interest in video you can combine photos, video and titles to make a video of the reunion.

You don't have to make the memory book by yourself; you can invite other family members to join you. If you choose a method that requires technical skills you don't have, it can be especially helpful to divide the labor with those who do.