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Order Clothes and Other Identity Gear

Clothing and other gear that make your family look "similar" fosters a sense of belonging. It helps people recognize each other, too. Now is the time to order it.

Making it easy for members of your family to recognize each other and to feel they are a member of your group is especially important when your family reunion is large or when you're holding it where there are other people--non-family--around. But it is useful no matter what kind of reunion you hold because it makes people feel part of the family.

The fastest way to create a sense of belonging is to give your family a "uniform" that consists of a logo, name tags, special clothing such as t-shirts or caps and perhaps briefcases, mugs and other gear. Your "uniform" not only provides a sense of identify among family members, it also:

  • Makes the memory of the reunion last as long as the "uniform" lasts
  • Can be a way to raise money to fund the reunion