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Plan Signage

Signs make your family reunion easier to navigate. They save time, increase the impact of your theme and color scheme and help family members feel part of your family.

Signs are important because they:

  • Help people find places and things they want. (This saves you time because people don't have to ask you.)
  • Strengthen your theme and color scheme, provided you use those elements on the signs.
  • Make the reunion seem like an event, rather than a routine visit with relatives.
  • Make the idea of being part of your extended family feel more real.

Make a List of Signs

Your needs will vary depending on how large the reunion is and the kind of facility where you'll hold it. A larger reunion requires more signs. Someone's home or a park requires few or no signs while a hotel, resort or large campground may require several.

Here's are some types of signs you may need. Perhaps you can think of others.

  • Entrance sign
  • Road signs to help family members find the event
  • Registration signs
  • Signs to identify rooms (Coat room, Dining area, etc.)
  • Restroom signs
  • "This way to..." signs that tell what direction to go to get to a destination
  • First aid kit location
  • Signs that display a map of the facility
  • Signs that display the agenda or schedule

Make a list of the signs you think you'll need for your family reunion. While you're at it, consider whether you'll want balloons or other devices for attracting attention next to some of the signs.