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Prepare Electronics

Electronics are great for improving communication as well as for recording and sharing the memories your family reunion will create. There are bound to be several persons in your family who will be good with them so make use of their talents.

A lot of electronic gadgets will appear at your family reunion on their own, carried by people who find them indispensable. But depending on the goals you set for your reunion (if any), you'll want to gather appropriate equipment to assure it is available. Here are some items to consider.


Here are items that will help you communicate with family members gathered at the reunion.
  • Microphones and loudspeakers
  • CD/DVD/Tape players for music, spoken words and video
  • Overhead and opaque projectors
  • Computer projectors
  • Television
  • Cell phone

Recording the Reunion

Use these devices to keep memories of the reunion.
  • Cameras
  • Video camcorders
  • Voice recorders
  • Tripods

Sharing Documents

If you're sharing genealogy or other kinds of family history, consider having this equipment available.
  • Laptop computer
  • Scanner
  • Copier
  • Wireless Internet connection


  • Extension cords
  • Power strips (several electrical outlets in one device)

If you're holding your reunion at a resort facility, the event planner there can probably provide many of these items for your use. Some of them may cost extra.

Unless you're an electronics guru, you likely won't have all these items yourself. That's no problem; someone in your family is almost certain to have them. Just phone him and ask him to arrange the electronics.