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Record the Reunion

Be sure those cameras and camcorders and tape recorders you have are put to use taking pictures, recording the program, showing people playing games, eating and taking part in activities.

Recording your family reunion is almost as important as holding it. So make sure people are taking pictures and videos and recording each others' stories. It's a good idea to have someone doing it with your gear because it can be hard to get others to email you their own records.

Unless the reunion is small, it's a good idea to assign one or more other family members to do the actual recording. Tell them you want the photos for family memories and a memory book. Suggest that they take a few pictures of family standing outside the facility and perhaps of some road signs to give context to the reunion if it's convenient.

If you have a professional photographer in the family, he or she may be concerned about copyright issues so discuss those before inviting him to be your photographer. You don't want to have a lot of great pictures that you can't use because the photographer has a need to control them as his own intellectual property.

If you're particularly ambitious, you may try to get each nuclear family to pose together. That kind of photos is particularly useful for a memory book later on.