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Reserve Furnishings

You don't have to own all the chairs, table, grills, tents or other paraphernalia you need for you reunion. You can borrow or rent them.

Do you have enough tables and chairs for the family reunion? What about propane grills for cooking?

Depending on how many people you expect to attend and where you will hold the reunion, you may need to arrange more furnishings. If you're holding it at a hotel or vacation destination, they should take care of furnishings for you. But if you're holding it in a home or at a local park, you'll need to take care of furnishings yourself. Here are some ways to do it.

  • Ask family members who live nearby to bring items.
  • Check with your church or club to see if you can borrow them.
  • Rent what you need from a local rental company.
  • Buy from a second-hand store. If you have a local second-hand or charity store, such as GoodWill, you may find used furnishings you can buy cheaply and donate back after the reunion.

Regardless of how you get the furnishings, it's a good idea to reserve or purchase them early to make sure you'll have them. It will be one less thing to worry about as you get close to the date of the reunion.