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Schedule the Activities

Use your calendar to schedule everything from the planning to the preparation to the actual reunion.

As you plan your family reunion, your calendar is one of your best friends. Take your list of activities and assign each one a date, time, location and leader.

Here are some things you'll want to include.

Before the reunion

  • Sending the invitations
  • Sending follow-up invitations
  • Reserving facilities
  • Buying supplies

During the reunion

  • Times and days for meals
  • Times and days for each activity

After the reunion

  • Sending thank-you notes and (possibly) gifts
  • Sending materials to those who didn't attend
  • Keeping promises
  • Doing a memory book

Add Leadership

Every activity needs one or more leaders. For some, you need a master of ceremonies who will keep things moving. For others, you need a guide who will take the group where it's going. Assign a leader to each activity and if needed assign some assistant leaders. Be sure to ask each one to take on the responsibility and provide materials needed for leaders to be successful.

Let People Sign Up

If you have a lot of activities because you have a lot of people attending, give people a chance to sign up for activities so you'll know about how many to expect.