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Set Up the Registration Area

Set up your registration area with materials you want people to receive when they first arrive.

A registration area is usually the first place you want people to go when they arrive at your family reunion. If it's winter and they need to take off coats, they can do that first. If the reunion is small, you may even want to greet them and give them a hug. But then you want them to pick up materials they need to get started.

For that reason, set up the registration area close to the entrance so that people cannot pass it by. Label it with a big sign that says "Start Here."

For small reunions, a single table is generally adequate. If people are bringing potluck, add a second table where they can set down food while they pick up materials or have a volunteer available to ferry the food to the kitchen or eating area.

For larger reunions, a registration area usually consists of one or more tables with chairs behind them for volunteers to sit and register new arrivals. They hand out packets and check off who has arrived. For very large reunions, you may want separate tables for persons with last names beginning A-H, I-P and Q-Z or some such arrangement.

Put out name tags, game sheets, sign-in sheets, volunteer forms, maps, agendas, calendars, meal tickets, a collection box for money and anything else family members need to get started. Be sure to have plenty of cheap pens, markers, and scratch paper.