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Step 4. Set Up

Your family reunion is finally happening. It's time to get out all the food, signs, furniture, decorations, identity gear, electronics and everything else. If you're prepared, it won't take long.

Set up chairs and tables, a podium, the grill and everything else you need.

Make it clear where family members should go when they first arrive at the reunion.

Break out the photos, streamers or other decorations you need to achieve the look you're after.

Pull out your signs and put them in the right places.

If you're eating potluck or barbecue, get out the silverware, napkins, condiments and centerpieces.

No matter how much you try, your family reunion will generate some trash. Be ready for it.

If your family is coming in the cold season, be sure you have a place to put coats and hats and gloves and boots.

Pull out computers and cameras and microphones and everything else electronic. Remember the extension cords!

A star indicates a task that is essential for all family reunions. Unstarred tasks may or may not be essential, depending on how you structure your reunion.