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Tour: The Six Steps to a Fabulous Family Reunion

It's easier to create your family reunion if you do it one step at a time. At, we've divided the family reunion process into steps for you.

There are six main steps to planning and holding your family reunion.

  1. Plan your reunion.
  2. Invite family members.
  3. Prepare everything so you're ready.
  4. Set up furnishings, decorations and facilities.
  5. Hold the reunion.
  6. Follow up to make sure the reunion has lasting value to family members.

Each of the main steps includes a number of smaller, easy-to-accomplish steps that mean you make progress toward a great family reunion in just a few minutes at a time. You'll enjoy how nice it feels to know that each small step takes you closer to a wonderful family reunion. You do it at your own pace and on your own schedule.

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