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Where Do You Want to Hold Your Family Reunion?

Paris. Rome. Antigua. Grandma's house. A local park. They're all places you could hold a family reunion.

Where to hold your family reunion depends a lot on what type of reunion you choose. If you chose a "picnic" style, you can do it in someone's backyard and you're likely to do it nearby. If you choose a getaway weekend or a full-fledged vacation, you'll likely want to travel somewhere a bit more exotic.

Most people choose a geographical location for their family reunion for one of these reasons.

  • It's easy for your family members to get to it.
  • It has special significance to your family, perhaps because of a historical or ethnic connection.
  • It's a place you've always wanted to visit such as, say, a sun-soaked island in the Caribbean or the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Write down your top three choices for where you'd like to hold your family reunion. Make a note of why each place appeals to you and put a star next to your top choice (if you have one).