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Here are some web sites where you can share your photos.

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Share Photos of Your Family Reunion

Foster good memories of your reunion by sharing your photos.

Sharing your photos of your family reunion helps those who attended to relive it. Letting family members who were unable to attend see the photos enables them to have some of the pleasure, too.

There are several ways to share your photos.

  • Print and mail them. The traditional way to share photos is to print them. You send copies in the mail or give them when you see someone.
  • Email digital photos. Almost everyone uses digital cameras nowadays, so if you took digital photos, email them to family members.
  • Post them online. You can post photos on your blog, on Facebook or other social networking sites, or on photo sites such as Flickr. The only word of warning is that a few people don't want photos of themselves online. While people talk a lot about privacy, the fact is that there is practically no such thing anymore. But if you suspect someone in your family is sensitive, you may want to check first before posting photos in a public area.

Here's a hint. Label the photos. Write on the back of printed photos with pencil, taking care not to press hard. Experts recommend pencil because it won't bleed through the photo and it has no acid to eat through the paper over time. If you're sending digital photos, give each one a descriptive name or add a note about who is in the photo so future generations will be able to identify the people in it, the location and the date.