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Create a Logo

A logo can increase your family's sense of belonging and make it easier to keep people together.

A logo is a symbol that represents a business, a family or an event. A logo shows that your family reunion is a real event, not just someone's whim. It provides a way for people to identify who is part of the family if you include it on name tags and t-shirts or other family identity items. It helps people recognize everything that is part of the reunion so it should appear on invitations, envelopes, signs, entrances and everywhere else there is something to do with the reunion.

You don't need a logo for a small reunion that will only last an afternoon although it can make the event more memorable and fun. But you should definitely consider one for a multi-day event or one with a lot of people.

How to Get a Logo

Here are some ways to get a logo for your family reunion.

  • Make one yourself. If you're artistically inclined, you can create one on your own, but if you're not you can use one of several free web sites to help you.
  • Ask a talented artist in the family to come up with one.
  • Have a professional do it for you. This is a good way to get a really nice logo, although it will cost money.