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Prepare Signage

Signs guide people, save time and add a sense of legitimacy to your family reunion. Here are ways to get them made.

You've probably already planned what signs you'll need for your family reunion. Now it's time to get them made. Remember to use your color scheme and logo if you have them. You can also include pictures on your signs to tie them together with your theme.

Here are some ways to get the signs you need made, depending on the size of your reunion and how many signs you require.

  • Make them yourself. You or one of your family members with artistic talent can make up signs using poster board and markers or other materials.
  • Have them made by a sign shop.
  • Have your hotel event planner do it. Most resort destinations already have signs for their rooms so you'll only need them for the registration tables, podium or similar places. You can probably have the people at your venue make up any signs you need.

If the facility where you'll hold the reunion is large, it helps to have a map so people can find their way around. Again, most places will have them available so you just need to ask.

A Word about Road Signs

If the place you're holding the reunion is difficult to find, prepare some road signs with arrows at intersections that family members will likely pass on the way. Use the symbols below plus the name of the reunion. (Click on an arrow to open a window or tab with a large version you can copy and paste.)

[arrow pointing upward] width=Continue straight ahead.
[arrow pointing left] width=Turn left.
[arrow pointing right] width=Turn right.
[arrow pointing downward] width=You passed it! Turn back.